Divine Appointments or Picking Up Strays

I have a reputation within my family of 'picking up stray's; people who look like they need a ride or a friend or someone to talk to. I don't do this as often as my family seem to think but occasionally God has directed me to give someone a ride somewhere. I have also heard these refered to as divine appointments. A divine appointment is when you 'bump' into a stranger and by the time you have reached the end of this meeting you know that God had intended it to happen all along. My first experience with this type of thing was when I was in High School and my boyfriend (now my hubby) and I picked up a hitchhiker and took him home to my parents. My mother fed him put him up for the night and my dad took him to the highway the next morning. I know I know it's a dangerous world we live in, but hey when the God of the Universe looks after you it makes you a little bit fearless! Anyway he said something to my mother that morning that caused her to believe that he was an angel who was with us during a major crisis the next month. I have no reason to doubt her. Anyway this began a career of asking God if I am supposed to reach out to people when I see them on the street. Usually if I have to ask Him that question He tells me no; but if He wants me to do something He begins to put thoughts in my head. For instance this morning I was headed to a women's fellowship hosted by my church with my daughter when we saw this young woman walking down the street, she kept looking back at the traffic behind her and she looked like she had had a rough night. Her appearance made me wonder about her evening 'activities', then I heard 'the voice' causing me to wonder where she was going, was she going to have breakfast, did she need anything, maybe I should stop and invite her to our fellowship so she would have something to eat. Now I admit I argued with Him because I needed to get to the church for this fellowship, but then I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach and I muttered under my breath "Oh alright!" My daughter turns to me and says "We're turning around aren't we?" "Yes" I said. So we turned around, found her and invited her to come with us. She declined, but said that she was headed home and could use a ride. She talked alot as we rode to the church so that I could let in any ladies waiting for me. I grabbed a bulletin and a business card for a friend who does addiction counseling and began to take her home. It turned out that she was living in some apartments owned by friend who also attends my church, now what are the odds of that!! God is so good and obviously has plans for this girl. I left my number with her in case she wanted to go to church some Sunday and went on my way. Extra-ordinary event in the midst of the ordinary!! One of my favorite songs is 'Going through the Motions" 'I don't want to spend my whole life asking what if I had given everything instead of going through the motions' May God always show me how to give my everything.



Baby with a Fever or A Brush with a Healing

My 17mo old grandson get seizures when he gets a fever; the Drs don't seem very concerned about it but it is very alarming when it happens. I experienced them for the first time today. His little body begins to jerk and his face goes slack, his eyes stare off into nothingness. The first one occurred around 1:30pm when his fever spiked to 104, it did not last very long, we gave him another dose of tylenol which he has been taking all day due to the fever not leaving. We got the temp down to about 102 and he seemed to be doing better. The second one occurred around 3:30 and was a little worse, he started to cry like he knew it was coming and then the jerking began, his eyes rolled and be began to drool. I began to pray over him, stumbling with my words not quite knowing how to phrase my prayer in order to be effective. I began to repeat 'Be still in Jesus name' and he became still. God and I have tussled over healings before, I believe that He heals, He just doesn't seem to do it when I ask! So there is that ever present voice that says it was just coincidence, but I truly do not believe in those so I am going with the voice that says that my precious Father, my honorable King heard and answered the prayer of a mildly frantic grandma and stopped the seizure in its tracks! We did end up taking him to the ER because we couldn't get the fever to get below 102 even after 20 min in a luke warm bath! Once again the drs assured my daughter that there is no ear infections, maybe a virus and the seizures are really nothing to be concerned about. His temperature lowered to 99 and they sent them home. Not so much encouragment there but I am very encouraged again that God hears me and loves me and will answer when I call.


My Introduction

I have been toying with the idea of blogging for quite some time. There is alot on my mind that I would like to share and it seems that I have trouble finding people with time to listen so blogging seemed like a good outlet where people can listen if they choose to and I can still share my thoughts. It took me some time to convince myself that I could do this and perhaps even find people who would share their thoughts back at me, but I was stumped for a title. Every good blog should have a good title, right? This morning I believe God gave me the title and I like it! Let me tell you why. I am not extraordinary in looks or lifestyle, I live a very ordinary life, I get up and go to work, meet the needs of other people; I live with, fight with, sleep with, make love with, eat with, spend time with my husband of 25 yrs; I spend way too much time and energy on my children and grandchildren and at the same time don't spend enough time with them; I go to church on Sunday, I socialize and worship and learn; I love my God and Savior with all my heart, mind, strength and soul; it seems to me a very ordinary life. And yet God tells me that I am an extra-ordinary woman; God is as real to me as the people I see everyday, we have conversations, He shares His thoughts with me, He gives me His way to see people, not as the selfish, hardened annoying creatures that they can be but as His objects of love, created by Him, broken, damaged, afraid, lost children. He gives me His feelings of love for them; He makes me bold, joyful, loving, wise, discerning, He makes me extraordinary. An extraordinary woman with an ordinary life!