On Worship and Warfare

Occasionaly these early morning brain overloads are annoying; especially when I've stayed up late anyway and really thought getting a few more hours of sleep would be a good thing! I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't get the 'god thoughts' to leave me alone so here I am putting them down on 'paper' so that I can go back and get a couple of more zzz's!
My 4yo granddaughter who is staying the night climbed into bed with me around 4am initially waking me up; I took her back to bed and thought I could drift right back to sleep. But I began to think about singing on the worship team this Sunday and how much I look forward to it. I begin to think about why it's so important to me and why I enjoy it so much. These are the thoughts that wouldn't go away..
I close my eyes and smile when I think about meeting with my King. He is so kind to me, ever patient with my flaws and weaknesses, constantly giving me opportunities to grow and respond to situations the way that He would. I lift my face to the heavens where He sits in all His glory and lift my hands to honor Him. The words of the song express my heart in ways that I cannot alone. I sway and bend like a mighty tree, like the cottonwood trees when they dance in the wind. His presence surrounds me and I can feel His pleasure. How joyful to me when my grandbabies come running with arms outstretched when they see me!! Their little faces lit up with joy to be with me again! How it fills me with well-being!! If I can be so overwhelmed by their love for me then how much more pleased is the King of Heaven, He who created me when I run to be in His presence? What a mighty King He is! His love endures forever and through all things! His mercy for me never quits! His grace knows no boundaries! How great is my King!!
Without fail my thoughts turn from worship of my King to those who don't know Him like I do. Worship and warfare; they seem to always go hand in hand with me, for I then begin to see the pain and brokenness of those around me and my heart cries out. I know that it is the heart of my God crying out within me; He cries out in anguish and frustration at the rebellion, the anger, the bitterness that He sees in the hearts of His very own children. I speak out against the enemy of my King in Jesus' name! I declare weakness upon him and claim back those children to my Father's kingdom. I declare freedom in the name of my Lord. I loose the power of my God upon those situations and declare victory for the angels who fight the unseen battles. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.
And now my mind rests. The birds are beginning to sing outside and the sky is beginning to lighten. It's a brand new day full of His grace and mercy! Full of opportunities to worship Him, to listen for His guidance, to show His love to those around me. Oh my King, help me to represent You strongly today. I love you so.