It's a Girl

After four boys, my daughter is having a girl. What an interesting life this little one will have! Not only will she have four older brothers but will have two older boy cousins as well! I don't foresee any boyfriends coming to her easily!! I wonder what it would have been like to be the youngest and only girl; I am the oldest and became mother to all my younger siblings. Will she be dark haired and eyed like her daddy or blonde and blue eyed like her mother? Her brothers have mostly dark hair of varying shades and eyes ranging from blue to green to brown. The oldest and youngest are fair skinned and the middle two are dark skinned. Who will she look like? August 2012 She is beautiful!! Dark hair, green eyes like her brother #2, she resembles her mother but has her own look at the same time. She is two now and full of sass and attitude; look out world!!


Thoughts on turning 50

Happy New Year imaginary friends! In two weeks I turn 50 years old and find that I am unexpectantly excited about it. Half of a century! An age supposedly full of wisdom! It feels like finally reaching adulthood, isn't that strange? What have I been for the last 30 years, if not an adult? Does turning 50 mean that I will no longer make stupid mistakes, wrong choices, unwise decisions? Probably not, but it feels like it should! It feels fresh, like starting over, a new page to a new chapter in my book of life! Yes, there are alot of things I have trouble doing these days and I don't have the energy or stamina that I once did but I feel good!! I believe the end days are here and it's time to firmly plant both feet in the kingdom of God. Mine are planted, I relish the thought of standing boldly for my King. I have been through enough battles to know that although I don't like them I am confident in my ability to fight. I know the heart of my Father and my goal is to live for His pleasure. I wish that I could spend more time serving others, my children included. I wish I could spend more time with my grandchildren, it weighs heavy on me to be an example to them, to try to teach them the things that I seem to have failed teaching my children; things like trusting God completely, living to honor Him, living by His rules and knowing that by doing so blessings will come. I'm sure I will have the time to do these things eventually! But until then, I will celebrate my birthday with a potluck supper celebration; my girls asked me why a potluck! They had never heard of such a thing! I told them because I like potlucks, they are fun and it seemed to be an inexpensive way to throw a party. Potluck suppers are fun!! Food, conversation, watching people enjoy themselves, being with people I care about; I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday!!!
So 50, here I come!! I'll try not to make my expectations too high, but I expect 50 to be as fabulous as 'they' say it is!!