An Uncluttered Life

You told me some time ago to relinquish my fantasy of an uncluttered life, I have not forgotten. I have not completely relinquished it yet but I’m working on it. Really I am!

Your life on this earh was cluttered, wasn’t Lord? You had people popping up at the most inoportune moments being all needy. You had followers bickering about who was most important or what was more important.

Surely you had moments of frustration, times that you thought about your life before earth and what you gave up.

How patient you were! That patience didn’t come naturally though did it? Isn’t that the reason you spent time alone with the Father? So He could strengthen you and encourage you for the task at hand?

Oh Lord, help me to follow your example. Give me a hunger to spend time with you and the Father. This is the only way that I can endure the clutter of people in need, of unmet expectations and circumstances that don’t go my way.

My sweet Savior comes and calls for me, “Let’s go visit Father.”
My house is a mess, there are things to be done…“maybe later.”

My sweet Savior stays and says again, “Let’s go visit Father.”
My family’s in crisis, there are things I must figure out…“maybe later.”

My sweet Savior gives me the look and takes my hand, “Let’s go visit Father.”
I’m tired and frustrated, bone weary, at wit’s end; but I allow myself to be let into the throne room.

My Father is there, delight fills His eyes, He gathers me up in His love. The weariness melts, the frustration is gone. He gives me peace, wisdom, strength and joy.

I’m home.

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