Longing - a poem 7/19/11

I see your beautiful face burdened with disappointment and disillusionment.

Where is the smile that lights your whole face?

Buried under pain and unrealized dreams.

Worn away by life's harsh winds.

Once upon a time there was a golden girl.

Joyful, full of life, determined to win at everything.

Greeting the sun with that smile and confidence.

Welcoming each day with arms outstretched.

Once you danced with God,

Once you marched to His beat,

How did the enemy coax you away?

Do you even know when you switched partners?

My heart aches to see joy in your face again,

I reach out to hold you and all I have in my arms is

memories and promises.

My heart weeps the tears that you don't shed

My heart aches for you.

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