A short story, ending to be determined

Once upon a time there was a married couple traveling down a road in a car. The woman didn’t like the roads that the man was choosing. They were quiet roads with few cars traveling on them; they were narrow roads, but he had a map and knew where he was going. The roads he chose had been traveled by many others in the past with success and although they did not have much scenery and there were no exciting attractions, there were many beautiful places to stop and enjoy each other’s company.

The woman was bored with the safety of these roads, she wanted to take the scenic routes, be adventurous and stop at the many attractions offered along the way. She hinted that they should take a scenic route just to see what it offered, but the man was caught up in his driving and didn’t hear her. She kept telling him that she just wanted to stop at one of the attractions and have some fun, but again the man was involved in his driving and did not heed her pleas. Finally the woman insisted that unless he would take her on a scenic route or two she would get out of their car to get her own car and never ride with him again.

Now the man didn’t want to take any scenic routes because he had already been on scenic routes in the past. He knew how easy it was to get lost on these scenic routes and that the excitement offered by these attractions was empty and short lived. She finally wore him down and he gave in but instead of going with her to guard her and protect her, he allowed her to go alone, thinking that she would tire of it quickly and return to the road they traveled together.

However, these outings only encouraged her adventurous spirit and did nothing to nurture the love they had for each other. She began to go for scenic drives more and more often and to be less and less satisfied with their travels together. Finally she informed the man that she no longer needed him to take her anywhere, she had her own car and was going to take the scenic routes all the time.

Now the man really did loved her and he apologized for his inattentiveness, told her he loved her and missed her, promised that he would listen to her and take her on a scenic route now and then and that he feared for her safety if she went alone. He asked her to please not take her own car, but to stay with him and he would let her do all the driving.

And so they did. They traveled the wide scenic road and stopped whenever the woman wanted to stop. The man would occasionally go with her but most of the time he just waited in the car. He would ask her to go back to the road they had traveled together but she didn’t want to. He would ask where they were going and what the destination was but the woman would reply that she didn’t know and that it didn’t matter. She would get angry and tell him that he could get out of the car whenever he wanted to, that he didn’t have to go with her. The man would then become silent because he loved her and wanted her in his life; he worried about her and knew that she was lost. He hoped that he could convince her to come back to the road they traveled together and that everything would be okay.

Will she get tired of the fast paced road that leads to nowhere?
Will his faithful companionship convince her of his love or cause him to be forever lost with her?

How do you think this story will end?

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